Julian Ardas and Philip Suna have worked in synC to muster their musical forces as “JapSynC”.  This song writing and recording collaboration resulted in 12 original rock songs to create Album No.2 – The Right Kind.

The musical offerings contain a strong mix of melody, rhythm and mood overlayed with diverse subject matter, carefully selected lyrics and tailored vocal styles.

A beautifully aging 35 year old 7 ply Japanese Maple acoustic drum kit by Pearl and a range of Paiste, Zildjian and Sabian cymbals played by Julian Ardas formed the rhythmic backbone.  A variety of Schecter electric guitars and basses and effects played by Philip Suna were directly inputted to the studio desk. Keyboards, played by Ian Pritchett (recording engineer), enhanced two of the tracks.  Vocalist,  Paul Hogan (courtesy of Van Bogan), sang the lyrics with subtlety, power and grace.

The Right Kind Chronology

Song Writing: (August 2012 – June 2013) – Present, develop, arrange and refine ideas including riffs, rhythms, melody lines, song topics, catch phrases, choruses and lyrics. Rehearse, pre-record on 4 track and Iphone, review and consult, refine tempos and arrangements. Lyrics for remaining four songs: (August 2013 – October 2013).

Music Recording: Drums (April & June 2013), Guitars and Bass (June, August and October 2013), Guide Vocals (April – October 2013). Vocal Recording, Mixing, Editing and Producing: (June – September 2014). Mastering: October 2014.

Artwork: (September – November 2014)- Nic Drummond & David Walker develop the CD concept.

We hope you enjoy the samples of the songs below. Please contact JapSynC to arrange a copy of The Right Kind.