Julian Ardas and Phil Suna connected with one of Julian’s former musical acquaintances, Lono Tyson, in 2016 and formed the NSW Central Coast trio called RoknRola.

The group put together an edgy set of original and contemporary songs to perform live. The group shared the role of lead vocals and guitar/bass responsibilities where shared between Lono and Phil. Several songs were recorded using an 8-track recorder in our studio which were then further engineered and produced by Ian Pritchett.

Sadly, Lono found out he was stricken with Stage 4 lung cancer and departed this earth on 5 December 2018.

After the grieving was over Julian and Phil decided to push on as a performing duo. We reviewed and refined our repertoire and added new material until we were satisfied with our ability to deliver the songs to the public.

The result “UnoPerLono – A Six Pack of Songs” is a snapshot of this recent musical journey.

Samples of the songs can be heard by clicking onto the song links below: